The Blue Church of Bratislava

Bratislavia is a mini Prague with a few nice jugendstil buildings. The Slovakian capital has a rarity, though: a blue church in hungarian art nouveau stylel. Take a look at the gallery here.

The Blue Church in Bratislava in Slovakia is, indeed, a jugendstil church. And to be more precisely: an art nouveau church in Hungarian jugendstyle. This is due to the fact that it’s the church of the Hungarian high school in Bratislava right across the street.

The Blue Church of BratislavaThe Blue church was constructed between 1909-1913 and originally painted in pastel colours somewhat like the hue of the hungarian gymnasium (pictures of that below).

Later on the color was altered to blue. The architect of the church was Ödön Lechner (or Eugen Lechner in german) who was a renowned representative of the hungarian version og the Viennese Secession style.

It’s a rarity to find a jugendstil church. This is definitely the first I’ve come across. Somehow you don’t associate the lush, sensuous fin de siècle style of Art Nouveau with faith and Christianity.


You’ll find the blue church a ten minute stroll away from the city center of Bratislava. Wanna ask the locals for direction? Just say: Modrý kostolík or Kék templom and you’ll be on your way (or they’ll punch you in the face).

Wondering about the mix of Hungary and Slovakia? That has, off course, to do with the fact that we’re back in the days days of Austria-Hungary empire which Slovakia was a integral part of.

Copyright of the pictures of The Blue Church in Bratislava?

No, there’s none – at least not on my pictures. Please, feel free to use my pictures of the Blue Church in print or online. I would like, however, to be credited (photo: Mikkel Hede). And, please, provide me a link if you use the pictures on a website.

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